Individual and Group Lessons

Half hour lessons are held every week for private and semi private group lessons. Weekly group hour lessons are held for groups of 3-4, as well. These groups are determined according to ability levels. These lessons include horse anatomy at the barn, ground lessons in the ring, and horsemanship skills astride


HEARTS TRC riders have an opportunity to compete with each other each year at a fun show held at our center in conjunction with our Open House. In addition, six riders each year have an opportunity to compete on the State level at the HRH-NJ (Health and Recreation with Horses of NJ) held at the Horse Park of NJ. This show also includes Special Olympics.

Schools and Community

Using a number of curriculum, special education classes, at risk programs, veteran groups, and other local community service organizations can improve the quality of life of each person at HEARTS TRC. Whether it is a one-time visit or a 10 week session, HEARTS TRC has a program to meet your specific needs and goals. These sessions are scheduled during the week, Monday through Friday, Call the office for dates and rates.

Community Services

HEARTS TRC offers special activity sessions for schools, organizations, those who want to learn about horses, earn a Boy/Girl Scout badge, or would like to have an educational “horse experience birthday party.” These sessions are held on Sundays from 1-3 PM which includes feeling the motion of the horse from the saddle.

Barn Rats

For children who would like to volunteer with us, but aren’t quite old enough, we offer the Barn Rats program. Intended for children aged 6 to 12 years old, Barn Rats is a group that meets once a month. The group teaches lessons on caring for our horses, grooming, and horsemanship skills from the ground. Barn Rats meet on the last Sunday of every month from 1-3 PM. To join, candidates need to attend meetings and complete paperwork.

Silver Saddles

Are you over 55 and want to learn to ride and add an incredible kind of exercise to your life, while socializing at the same time?Then the Silver Saddles is the group for you! Groups of 4 learn grooming, tacking, and horsemanship. Full of laughs and excitement. Form your own group or meet new friends!


Yoga on Horseback

No experience is necessary to begin this new type of exercise. With the help of a leader and a sidewalker, a certified Yoga and PATH Intl instructor, your body will find a new way to relax and strengthen itself as every muscle is simultaneously stimulated through the movement of the horses’ walk. A definite WOW! Classes are held during the week.

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