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Payment Policy
Lessons will be $160.00 per month based on a 4-week month. Payment is due by the 20th of the prior month (ex. Payment for April lessons would be due by March 20th). A late fee of $25 will be added if payment is made after the 1st of each month. The rate for lessons that are not pre-paid is $55 a lesson. Riders must sign up for lessons for the entire month and we do not offer one-time lessons. There is no credit for missed lessons unless they are canceled by Hearts TRC. When there is a 5 th week in the month, that lesson will be at no charge. The extra lesson will be given on the same day and time as the student’s regularly scheduled lesson. Insurance payments are nonrefundable.
If an instructor is unable to make up a lesson, reimbursements will be issued at the end of the year
in one of three ways:
1) Credit applied to the student’s next year’s lessons
2) Check refund
3) A tax-deductible donation to the Hearts program.
Lesson Policy
Once scheduled, lessons are given at the same day and time every week. If you are going to miss a lesson, please call the instructor as soon as possible so the horse/pony will not be brought in. If you do not wish to continue with your scheduled lessons the following month please notify us in writing. No make ups.
Riding Clothes
All riders should dress appropriately; 1. Shoes with a heel (NO work boots or sneakers please!) 2. Riding pants or jeans (Baggy pants are a hazard. NO shorts or capris.) 3. Short or long sleeved shirt (NO sleeveless shirts.) 4. Approved riding helmet (A helmet will be provided for the first month of lessons, and then each rider MUST purchase their own helmet.)
1. Your riding lesson begins and ends at the designated time.
2. Ground work may be part of the lesson as that is an integral part of becoming an equestrian.
3. The private and semi-private (2 in a class) lesson is 30 minutes. A group mounted lesson (3 to 4 in a lesson) is an hour in length. Learning horsemanship and how to groom, tack, bathe, do ground work, and about the general care of your horse/pony is also part of becoming a good equestrian. During the year, these lessons may be scheduled in place of a mounted lesson when weather is bad.
Concerns, Comments, Suggestion
Heart TRC, INC looks forward to your comments and suggestions. If there are any concerns or problems please call us immediately so we may address them.
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