Our equine staff is specifically selected according to size, movement, and disposition to meet the specific needs of our clients, whether working astride or from the ground. They have gone through training to work with children and adults who have physical, mental, and emotional challanges.

Meet our Horses

Our horses mean the world to us! They provide comfort, experience, excercise, and unconditional love. Check them out today! 


Born in 1999, is a Paint Horse, gelding, standing 15.3 hands.  If you look closely you can see a steer head on his side amidst his brown and white coloring.  Besides being ridden, Cisco is excellent in teaching riders ground work.  He has a special gift for ‘reading’ his riders and helping them where necessary.  Cisco is owned by Rindy Faust and Sue Adams and is on loan for lessons when needed.

Yaven’s Longo Chongos

Born 2009, is a Gypsy Horse gelding, standing 14.3 hands with beautiful ‘feathers’ and sometimes long mane (when he doesn’t rub it off!) Chongos is a beautiful black and white horse with a heart of gold. Young riders love when he reaches around with his neck and gives them a ‘gypsy hug’. He was graciously donated by Gypsy Rose Ranch in California. Thank you Lynn Strauman.


Born in 1999, a Mountain Horse Gelding, 15hh. Owned by Rich Adams of Rolling Seas Farm. Ben loves to move fast with his gaited movement. He is great for those who cannot “post,” who want to keep up with the rest. His walk is very active giving great muscle input to all his riders.


Born 2004, A Quarter Horse Appendix, 15hh. He is kind, caring, and very friendly. Hailing from ohio, he carries the WHF brand where he was trained and purchased for HEARTS TRC.


Born 2008, a Haflinger, 14.3hh. Being of the draft breed, he can handle adults as well as children in the ring. He also hails from Ohio and carries the WHF brand where he was also trained and purchased for HEARTS TRC.


Born in 2009 He is the newest addition to our herd. Buddy arrived in the fall of 2019. His previous job was being a trail horse at which he did very well. Buddy spent time learning the ropes with the Hearts staff and volunteers before being used in the program. He is a huge asset, quite literally being a large draft cross! He is the largest of the herd but also the gentlest.


Born in 2001 in California.  D is 16 hands tall and has been a lesson horse, trail horse, and show horse in his previous careers.  D loves that his current job as a therapy horse allows him to get so much people time.  He enjoys all the attention everyone gives him.  D is owned by the Green family and is on loan to Hearts TRC.  

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