HEARTS TRC is a seasonal program, which means we can only provide service from March until the end of November because of weather conditions. Our goal is to raise money to build a modest indoor arena so our riders will not regress over the winter months. A seasonal program also means our horses need to be financially supported during the months we are closed. It is also important to HEARTS TRC to provide scholarships to our riders in need so they can receive the benefits of therapeutic riding and other equine activities. 

We depend on our communities to help HEARTS TRC survive and thrive for those who need our services. We depend on our communities and businesses to help us with projects needing done for our center. We need our communities to become volunteers to assist our riders in reaching personal goals.

Please consider making a donation to HEARTS TRC, a local charitable organization where you can stop by and see your generosity at work. You can make a difference in lives of so many in need of our services.

Call us to see how you can best support us.

“Our hoofbeats are many… but our hearts beat as one.

Additionally, because of the nature of our program, we have come to find that we are in need of some items. If you have any access to the following on our wishlist, please give us a call. We greatly appreciate the support for our growing program.

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